Friday, March 27, 2009

Candle Light Vision

Candle light dinner.... a very private occasion

So elegant, her beauty is penatratin

Her coming my way... with a slow, sexy walk, over working my patience

I'm waiting..... that candle light is in my soul is growing...
The fire is enraging

From the time she walked in to the time she got body is changing
Going thru physical phases

I'm so noticeable... dumbfounded in utter amazement

I regret the past, I'm dreaming for the future... but she got my mind on present tense
She's nothing less, than magnificent, benevolent
A personal gift from God, she's so heaven sent

Got me dreaming of places I've never been
When I'm around her... everything else is irrelevant

Candle lights gathered around the bed... a fire burning collage
She's fully relaxed... while engaging me in a mental and physical massage

When my hands touch her... she's vulnerable...
for a moment she becomes mine

Time is of the essence, but she's the essence of my time

She got me hypnotized, she the presence on my mind
The way she murders my pain, and kidnaps my stress has to be a crime

Nothin can explain the comfort.. like a breeze she's bringing in
After she moves her heavenly scent stays lingering

I want an explanation of my feelings.... what the meaning is
she said that it would all b explained when the candle light extinguishes....


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