Friday, March 27, 2009

Under the Sun

I was told a man should never want to profit from pain
Next day the same man told me logic's insane

Get what you can, make money then deposit the change
My life's a constant journey, and there's no stopping the train

It's like I view things different, my mind don't process the same
So I stand under the dark clouds but don't acknowledge the rain

Force myself to look into a mirror of a reflection that's depressing
Taking 18 credits of classes, not seeming to get the lesson

I'm feeling like I put in enough effort, I should've won
Came up short, thinking of other things I could've done.

Maybe I would have made it, if we were together as one.

But no, you were steady trying to lead me to the edge of the cliff
I wouldn't jump, so you tied me up and tried to feed me to the fish.

It wasn't my fault, you forced me to chose
I was building a foundation for the future, you forced me to move.

YOU forced me to use this pen
to numb the torture and abuse.

That I forced upon myself, cuz I aint wanna believe
that my hopes and aspirations were merely just a dream.

Sitting here under the tree, listening wondering when the thunder will come
Cuz I'm just not meant to live life under the sun.

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