Thursday, March 26, 2009

Knight In Shining Armor My ASS!

So every girl wants him. The Perfect guy, the "knight in shining armor" that'll ride in on his white horse and just sweep you off of your feet.... PLEASE. This is a fantasy played out in Disney films made by white people. This perfect person/guy doesn't exist. Not at all. One thing you'll find out about me is that I'm real. No bs ever.

Being young, and subjected to watching these Disney movies I went out on the lookout for this knight... only to find out that guy I thought fit the description was really a pathological liar who was just really good at sensing my insecurities and feeding them. Yea he lied, he cheated, he even passed on an std or two...all curable, but the point is I was crushed. Essentially we were fighting more than we were fucking. All you people know how THAT can get. Stress builds and then parties start looking elsewhere and that's EXACTLY what the fuck I did.I messed with a girl who gave the BEST head ever.... She gave head so good the shit on the inside of my pussy was on the outside. Called it the butterfly effect. So while I'm with her I wasn't messin with him... and now that I'm single I feel like a fuckin guru when it comes to guys like him.

PERFECT example: My home girl, I mean my BEST friend is messing with the wackest guy alive. I mean no college degree, 23, living in his mother's attic, no car, no job type dude. She being the girl she is stuck by him, helped him find a job, get his financial shit in order, get his car fixed... I mean she gave him money for everything under the fucking sun... then when she finds out he's cheating on her, she leaves, he causes a big scene, she calls the cops, he gets arrested, she goes the phone SHE bought him... the one that's on HER plan, that of course he doesn't pay for, and discovers 6 girls. yea SIX. They all start blowing up the phone looking for there 'boyfriend' and one of the girls even says she's been with him for 3 years and knows he's cheating on her but can't leave cuz he gave her herpes... WTF?? So of course she's freakin out, I'm freakin out, she's cursing his name and damning him to hell, I'm cursing his name and damning him to hell... and then Low and Behold. The dude gets outta jail and everything is Honky Dory??? She COMPLETELY forgets or neglects all the bs that he put her thru after he feeds her this bs story sayin while in jail, he's getting counseling and realized he has abandonment issues because his mother was a crack head.... Ummm I love my home girl and all, but she's really being stupid right now..... like yo, you haven't even got the results back from your herpes test! WTF? you think your shit is invincible? What you got teflon pussy now? You think that shit won't stick? Give me a fucking break! I've dealt with bum ass dudes before... and I've been the girl who thought the sun came out their ass and they could do no wrong. Grow the fuck up. Ladies please listen: YOU ARE WORTH SOOO MUCH MORE. Flash that nicca the deuce and keep it moving.


  1. omg this shit is the realest shit i ever read. im mad she went back to her man and that nigga might have keep writing im trying to learn much more

  2. Thanks. Yea love can make you do some stupid bs... I can def attest to that. But I want my girl to be safe, I want her to realize how much BETTER she is and how she can find someone 50x better. Say a prayer for patience on my part.

  3. Forget rose colored glasses. Your girl has gone completely blind!

  4. I mean like I said, love will make you do some CRZY stuff. And she loves him. I think the guy is a L_O_S_E_R... but its not my life and I can only voice my opinion.