Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All smiles... I think

Okay sooooo Lastnight was eventful.

First off let me sum up what happened with my electricity. My stupid rental office was open yesterday, so I decided to give them a call and explain the situation. I recalled the people at the power company and was put on hold as they contacted my rental office. They returned and said since both me AND my roommates name was on the lease than we BOTH had to have our name on the bill... ummm ok. Whatever. Problem is they had some kind of issue confirming my roommates identity, so she had to fax them a copy of her license, birth certificate, and social security card. Once she did that, they said it would take up to 72 hours! WTH??? People LIVE here!

But as my title says, I'm all smiles because I just learned it got put back on today... PRAISE his HOLY, HOLY name.

So Lastnight... due to the fact I had no electricity.... I spent the night at Steve's house. Yea I kno. Crazy right? I think he was a little reluctant, but he allowed me to stay. I had a BANGIN dinner, because Steve is THE greatest cook I've ever met, watched a movie and decided to call it a night at 9:40. Now I'm sure you wanna know WHERE we slept? Well, he slept in his bed, and I slept on the couch...... for some of the night. LOL. I DEF did behave tho! NO hanky panky from me! Not that he didn't make it clear he would have. But in the middle of the night, I decided that I didn't want to sleep alone anymore. So I proceeded up the steps to his bedroom and went to sleep. It was actually kinda nice. Call it closure.

But this morning, I'm treating my roommate out to breakfast in the student center and who would walk in but KIM. Wait lemme back track for a minute, Kim has a bestfriend... make that 2 bestfriends. She's usually only with one at a time, but when she is.. it's like WILL & Fuckin Grace... in reverse. She's the gay and they're both straight

God. That show was funny to watch.... but in real life. It's NO WONDER they're all single. I'm really not surprised. They sleep in Kim's bed EVERYNIGHT... I mean they just CLING to each other NIGHT and DAY. We'll just call these guys Grace 1 and Grace 2. EVERYTHING that comes out of Kim's effin mouth is about one of the Graces.

Example: Yesterday afternoon after I was finished with classes, we were supposed to chill. JUST KIM and I, NO ONE ELSE. But oooohhhhhh NO, Grace 1 lost his keys and she just HAD to help him find them... that took 2 hours. Meanwhile, I just left.

So once I got to steves house, I texted Kim and asked if she was available to talk... I mean I kinda missed her. She says yes. Well whatdaya kno? Who's in the background talking to her but Grace! Idk which one but I mean her and I were on the phone for 20 minutes and probably only Actually talked for about 5, the rest of the time she was saying "hold on" and talking to Grace. It drove me NUTS, so I just said I was gonna hang up.

But anyway, She walks in and sits at my table, and after my roommate leaves, I begin to TRY to express my concerns. It's really hard to try to get to know someone when you can't really see them and when you CAN they aren't alone. Kim is on the Dean's list, she's in numerous clubs etc, and I love that about her but DAMN any free time she gets is consumed with GRACE. So I told her it was a serious turn off. She confided in me and told me when she got out of her last serious relationship, she was really heartbroken and the Graces were there for her... and now she's just grown accustomed to it and is scared to put herself out there again. She says once she's actually with a person, she's VERY different, but I had to interrupt her and tell her we're NEVER gonna get to that point if she doesn't change.

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