Wednesday, April 8, 2009

K Kim, One Last Chance

Soooo Ran into kim today. She looked good enough to eat (HA). Apparently she hasn't been contacting me because her phone fell off of her balcony and the screen cracked.... Me: Excuses, Excuses. But she promised she would hit me up after 5 yesterday, once she got her new phone.

So we talked, admittedly not at 5, but we talked. Apparently her roommate got pregnant, boyfriend abandoned ship, she almost had a miscarriage and was suicidal... CRAZY I kno, but Drama none the less.

So I guess after that I forgave her, I mean truth be told, I woulda found any reason to forgive her because I like her so damn much... but I've decided to give her one final chance. She seems very shy, and I feel like I always have to pursue her in order for us to chill. UMH... no more. So I told her to hit her up when she felt like chillin. She immediately turned the question back on me: "well, when do you feel like chillin?" Not gonna work this time, I politely informed her that she needs to take some initiative. If she likes me like she SAYS she does, then perhaps she needs to show it. So long story short, she said we'd chill tomorrow.


Yea, thas how I feel.

Hopefully she'll actually stick by her word. And if she can't for some strange reason... I expect to be notified. Otherwise, I may just have to let her ass go. **I sure hope not tho. I really like her.

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