Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Weekend to Remember!!!!

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this past weekend has been OUTRAGIOUS!! But let's start at the beginning. Idk HOW drama ALWAYS finds its way into my life.. but apparantly I'm a freakin magnet.

So friday, April 17: My lovely roommate decides to have a cookout. Thas cool with me. Seeing as how she's on the track team, she wanted to invite all of her track friends. Again: thas cool with me. They were bringing the food and my roommate and I provided the grill and the house. So everything starts off fine. I bring my stereo out of my room into the living room and everyone's havin a good time. Now to understand the situation completely, you must understand my apt complex: these are APTS, not townhouses, so there are a, b, and c levels. I stay on level a, which is the ground floor. Now every apt comes with a "patio" if you're on the bottom level, it's concrete, but if you're on b or c its made out of wood. So returning to the story... everyone is having a good time and then some BIG ass, random ass dudes show up.. Okay, so now I'm pissed. Like all these guests are just that.. .GUESTS. You can't randomly invite other people without askin me or my roommate! You def didnt bring any food and neither did these guys, so all they're tryin to do is come here and eat and that's a big ass HELL NO. So once I'm finally over it, a hit song comes on, and everyone is bumpin to the music provided by yours truly... Then it happens.


yea its the cops. EVERY weekend they show up because somethin crazy always happens. So my roommate and I step outside to deal with them. There are two burly ass men, and one woman. So they say that we 1: we have too many people at the house (and honestly there was like 20 extra people there), 2: the music was too loud (yea it was) and 3: the grill has to be 20 feet from the house! Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm NO actually it doesnt. So I return inside the house and turn the music down. I also inform some of the people that they gotta leave. I go back outside

Male cop: we need to see both of your ids

My roommate: (politely) Why?


My roommate: Don't clap your hands at me, like that's very disrespectful. I just asked you a simple question... which you haven't answered.


Me: ok, we'll be back with our ids

we return inside the house and I'm SERIOUSLY tryin to calm my roommate down because I don't want her to get arrested and she's really upset. So I go into my room and retrieve my id. I go outside and give it to them and we wait for my roommate to return. She doesn't have her license, but the cops didn't specify, so it doesnt matter. these FOUL ass cops actually waited for her to return so they could put the ticket in HER name... they clearly don't like her. So at this point.. she's PISSED. I'm trying to remain calm, keep the officers calm, and keep my roommate calm, so I retreat into my house for a cig. I return with 2, and my roommate brings me my hoodie. As I'm smoking one, I'm putting on my hoodie at the same time. My DUMB ass snaps the cig at the filter.


Lady cop: you can't talk like that. I'm writing you another summons.

Me: WHAT? I wasn't even TALKING to you. I said Fuck because I broke my cig at the filter and now I can't smoke it! So what are you even talking about??? I can't say fuck outside of myapt??

DAMN I was sooo pissed! I mean what kinda law is that?? I actually got a ticket for cursing!

Ugh, I got into the house and tell EVERYONE that they gotta get the FUCK out. Like right now. So they leave and I'm left with my angry roommate. Now Friday night was also supposed to be the night of this CRAZY party. But at this point, I really don't even wanna go.

I take a shower and force myself to go. Now once I've arrived, Late of course, the female line is rapped around the damn corner. I just walk to the front tho because... well shit because I wanted too. And WHO is workin the party but naomi??? LOL. She acts very professional and all, but it was still a little wierd seein her. She looked good. So I'm in now, party is jumpin and before I know it people are fightin and the music is turned off. WTF??? Really? The party wasn't supposed to end until 6am and its only 12. While the music is off I run into this stud who was tryin to holla at me last year... but I jus wasn't feelin her. She introduces me to her girlfriend (who is HOT) and I dance with her for a little bit, once the music is back on. So then the music stops again! ANOTHER fight. WTH?? Eventually it gets shut down and I've only been in there for a total of a hour and a half. DAMN I'm mad. At this point, the only thing that can make me feel better is sex.

So I hit up kim.

No answer. Ugh.

I just decide to go to bed.

SAT, April 18: I awake to a text from kim apologizin for not responding to my text. whatever. I tell her to come over and make it up to me.... surprisingly, she does. And she DEF makes it up to me. She's a little shy when it comes to her body, and doens't like tobe naked... but I'm sure that'll change in time. She leaves for her meeting and I take a quick nap. I get up and perform my usual sat ritual which is cleaning the ENTIRE apt from top to bottom. My roommate has left for another track meet and I have the entire house to myself. After I'm finished, my phone rings: It's Steve. HA. He asks if he can wash clothes at my house. Sure, why not? I mean I kinda owe him one after crashing at his house right?

So he comes over and we sit at the table and talk about our past relationship over some jello shots. Once they're all gone, I break out the E&J and we take a couple shots. Yea you know what's comin next, the sex talk. But before him and I breach the topic my phone vibrates again: It's the girl from the party lastnight! LOL. Apparently her girlfriend found me attractive and wants to have a threesome. Wow. I say I'll think about it. I've never had a threesome before, but I must admit that I'm curious. We agree we'll talk about it later. But back to steve. He admits he hasn't had sex in awhile, and I admit I had sex that morning.... and then he says he's horny. I figure why not?? I'm still attracted to him. He's the last guy I had sex with, and I haven't gotten some decent dick since him and I split. So yea, I screwed kim and steve within hours of each other and I FULLY enjoyed it! LOL. It will never happen again of course, and I see it more as closure. He dried his clothes and left.

Hours later, my phone rings again: rebound guy! HAHAHA. No I'm no smut, nothing serious happened. He just came over, ordered a pizza and chilled with me, while I watched a movie. THAT'S ALL. I kicked him out when kim said she wanted to come over tho. LOL. she didn't, but I was tired anyway.

Sunday April 19th: Okay so sundays are my homework days. I just like to chill, do the required homework, watch my favorite vh1 shows and go to sleep... and that's all that happened. LOL

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  1. Those parties were hilarious! Especially the cop scenes. :-)

    And yes....I believe you might be a fatal attraction. :-)