Tuesday, April 14, 2009


After talking to a colleague, I realized that I forgot to mention the other lame ass things that have been happening at my "job".

First, the reader MUST remember that I am a student Full time. That to me means, it should be my primary focus. My school has a program called "work-study". Idk if every school has it or not, but it's simply a job here on campus. There ARE rules however. You must be a student, full time, and you cannot work more than 20 hours a week. Oh, and you get paid 6.55 an hour... yea I kno. Not much, but NO taxes come out, which take a LITTLE of the sting away.

So I chose to work with Student accounts in the business office. My boss's name is "Courtney". She was cool at first, but as time has progressed, I've began to see how much of a BITCH she really is! I try to be respectful and everything, but she Really pushes my buttons.

The first problem I had with her involved Steve. For some reason she just didn't like him.... Like AT ALL. And It's not like I ever told her anything about him or anything, but she just didn't like him, and didn't like the fact that I was with him. Fine. If that's how you feel... then that's how you feel, but DON'T think you can just be all ignorant and make little snide comments about a relationship you know NOTHIN at all about. I found that to be quite ignorant. She actually made it her duty to ask me if I was sleeping with him.... umm you're not my mother and even if you WERE that's STILL none of you're business! Ugh that was so annoying. I would be talking to other co-workers about him and she would stop what she was doing to interject about how I shouldn't let this guy change my mind about any decision, and how he really shouldn't be in my life at all. Ummm WHO made YOU the go-to person?? Last time I checked your ass was single with a damn kid! So maybe you should have followed your OWN advice and just stayed out of my business.

Problem number two? My hours there. I understand that one should be professional when entering any type of business office, but be realistic! I'm a STUDENT first. The whole reason I'm IN school is so that I DON'T get the dumb, data entry job you have! Whenever I have a paper, or a group project or something of that nature I call out. And I don't feel bad. Sometimes I'll just be tired from staying up all night from a different project and can't get up at 8 to be there by 9. GET OVER IT. She really gets mad and starts to bitch because I'm not there to do HER job for her for 6.55! HA. You're really crazy!

I mean who seriously gets like that? You should be GRATEFUL when my ass Does show up because I'm lessening the load for YOU. She really be trippin... like how GAY are you?? That shit is wack.

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