Thursday, April 9, 2009


UGH. Last night was a DISASTER. Kim did it to me again!

I mean the last post I wrote said that I expected to be notified... and I was, just literally like 5 minutes before I expected her ass to be here! But let me backtrack and rewind a little bit:

It's around 10:30 and while I'm at the dinner table with my roommate, my phone begins to vibrate. Yep, its her. Man I'm already blushing. So we're texting back and forth, and I should tell you that I am EXTREMELY turned on by this girl.. I mean, she's HOT. So yea, I'm horny, and due to that fact, I'm texting things that I probably shouldn't be texting... but then again, she's responding. Saying she feels the same way (horny) which is just FINE by me. LOL. So just to speed things along, she asks if I want her to come over... ummm YEA! Although I am nervous as hell, I def want her to come over. I mean I always get a little nervous with the first kiss, but if its good.... well yea, its on and poppin.

So the inappropriate/dirty texts continue, and now I want her to come over BAD, so she says she will. Now it's time to run the List, because she'll most likely be spending the night:

1. Shower

2. Shave

3. Brush teeth

4. Use Listerine

5. Make sure room is clean

6. Make sure bathroom is clean

7. Make sure ENTIRE apt. is clean!

So after all the aforementioned are checked off, and to MY high standards, I patiently sit on my bed mentally preparing myself. I didn't wanna text her and ask where she was because then it would seem like I was pressed, and plus she already said she was on her way.

And then...

YEA, you guessed it, I get that text message:

Kim: Please, please please don't be be mad at me. I swear I went to check on my roommate 2 make sure she was ok before I left n she once again said no n might need 2 go to the FUCKIN hospital. I think she full of shit but earlier she was bleeding again. She said if she don't stop in the next twenty minutes she wanna go.

Me: I knew it. I 'm going to sleep

Kim: No 4 real. I think she makin that shit up cuz she kno im bout to go somewhere n dont wanna be alone n some shit. I swear I'm dealin wit a serious ass situation


Kim: I'm gonna make this up to you in everyway you can imagine

Me: No that's cool. I'm goin to bed. Idk why your roommate can only call on you (she DEF has a boyfriend.. and isnt this HIS kid too?)... EVERYtime you and I are supposed to chill, but its whatever

Kim: No she does it every day. Days we supposed to chill and days we not. dont be mad i'll tell you everything tomorrow 4 real.

Me: I honestly don't care to know. Goodnite

Now you KNOW what's goin thru MY dag on head. I like this girl A LOT. I mean I've been crushin on her for the past 3, count them up 1, 2, 3 dag on years! And now that we're both finally available I'm getting this bullsh*t from her! My last post was whether or not I should jus tap out... and lastnight, I def was....

and then I saw her today! I know. I know, grow some balls. I'm SUCH a sucker. But I've never crushed this hard on someone before (aside from Halle Berry and Denzel, but who hasnt?) and I really wanna get to know this girl. Of course the feelings have to be mutual.. and she SAYS they are, but her damn actions are a whollllleee nother thing.

I saw her today and jus igged the SHIT outta her, I mean we must have been like 3 -4 feet apart(LOL) but I was pretendin she didn't exist. She gets up and sits next to me and apologizes, tries to explain the situation.. and I'm not tryin to hear it.

I mean I wanna hear it... but then again I don't. Plus I'm sittin nex to this otha girl I'm cool with and she doesn't know I like girls (I don't like everyone knowing). So I am giving her the COLDEST shoulder, and she is really like tryin to apologize and explain. I then began to wonder if i'm being to hard on her? I mean at least she texted to let me kno right?? That's a step... granted a BABY step, but a step nonetheless.... But Jeez, I jus wanna chill with her and if it leads to sex then it leads to sex, but I at least wanna be around her ya kno? and Boy is she fuc*in around. Today is still supposedly the day we chill and do somethin, and at this point I'm not really confident that it's gonna happen. She did say she would "make it up to me in everyway I can imagine" but talk is cheap. And her talk is worth nothing, nada, zip, zilch, ZERO. Idk. Until tomorrow, this is To be continued....

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