Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's Everywhere. Everywhere I look: Bitchassness.

So today, I woken up by a text from my lovely roommate saying our power was shutoff. Great. But let me give you some history on that:

My roommate: Ciera lived at my apartment complex before me. She actually had another roommate Shayla. Shayla's name was the ONLY name that was on the lease, and Ciera just paid rent. So when Shayla decided she was movin out, I took her spot. It's called a transfer. We signed a new lease etc, and now my name and Ciera's name are both on there. But Shayla's is not. She moved out, but allowed us to keep the security deposit.

Now, I had nothing against Shayla at all... I mean, I didn't have to pay my half of the security deposit because of her. So there's no hard feelings. PLUS the electricity is in HER name. Now she claimed not to mind at all. For some reason, the electric bill gets sent to her new address, so whenever it's due, she just calls me and Ciera and let's us know.

So she calls Ciera and I, and tells us the electric bill is due, however Ciera and I have NO money. Like none at all. So she says cool, when we have the money to just pay it. I mean it IS a recession, and there were times (according to Ciera) when Shayla herself couldnt pay bills. So about a week and a half ago, I get a call from Shayla saying she received a notice saying our electricity would be cut off if we didn't pay the past due amount immediately. I inform my roommate.

She calls them, and they say we have an extension until the 22nd... Like NEXT week. So Shayla gives me a call, and says the people at the electric company called her and told her they were gonna cut the electricity off tomorrow (which is today)....ummmm I'm confused! Once my roommate got the extension, she DEF called Shayla to tell her... so WHAT is she talking about?? Idk, but I of course inform my roommate.

So today my electricity if turned off... I never realized how much I used it, until I didn't have it! Like it's REALLY bad!

My roommate calls the electric people and tells them her name is Shayla. TURNS out, Shayla called them yesterday and TOLD them to shut off the electricity here. WTF???

When we spoke she said that once the electricity is cut off, my roommate and I would have to pay the balance and then we could put it in our names. Ugh. If you didn't want the electricity in you're damn name that's ALL you had to say! Like people LIVE here. How do you do that, and then lie and say that's what the electric people say?? It's clear she didn't want the bill in her name anymore, but I think that was a foul move! Like, Ciera has a KID, luckily, he wasn't here, but Shayla didn't know that!

So anyway, Ciera calls the electricity company and pays the entire balance. She then proceeds to try and get it in her name, but can't due to credit problems. So I volunteer. The lady informs me there will be a 180 security deposit, and that she will have to verify my name on the lease. Fine. She then informs me, that even if all of that DOES occur today, we won't get the power back on until tomorrow. WTF? So she puts me on hold as she calls the rental office... they don't pick up (ghetto asses).

So I ask if I can Fax my lease instead? She tells me that'll take up to 72 hours just for them to get it and process it... which means my power wouldn't get cut on tomorrow, or the day after that, OR the day after that. So I've been calling the rental office every now and then and it's STILL going straight to their voicemail. WTH?? Is it a holiday, or something I'm missing? Is it national "Idon'tgiveafuckday"??? Damn this day has been SHITTY and FULL of BITCHASSNESS

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