Monday, April 13, 2009


SO, we're finally approaching the last chapter of lovely Naomi. Which is actually a little sad when I think about it. As I last left off, we were supposed to meet today to hammer out the issues and determine the fate of our relationship... So what happened you ask?


I sent her a text asking her if she still wanted to talk to me today, and she promptly answered with a phone call that I had to ignore because I was in class. Well she left me a voicemail and texted me saying we needn't meet up today at all, to just call her back once I was out of class. Ummmm ok. She said nothing was wrong, but that it wasn't necessary for us to meet up.

So after class, I call her. She simply states: She's not gonna press me to have a friendship with her, or to have her in my life. If there ever comes a day when I can move past the situation and want to be her friend that I should give her a call and that she'll be there.



So, disappointed of course, I say alright and hang up the phone. I guess I was disappointed a little because I expected her to idk have some strong, convincing speech of some sort. She always knows how to engage me in a serious conversation, and her little short blurb over something so serious was a little disappointing.

So fast forward a few hours. I realize that she hast 2 of my favorite movies. So I send her a text asking her to lemme know when she can return them, and I'll have my roommate get them from her. She replies that she'll return one, but not the other..... ummm no. After a bit of back and forth, she finally tells me " I figure if I keep something of yours, you'll always have a reason to come back :("
Me: AWWWWWWWWWWWWW (of course I didn't send that!) But it was def sweet.

Naomi is a good person. She really is. It's just that what happened created a large gap. I'll def miss her tho. This Friday would actually have been our one year anniversary. *sigh* I'll get over it. I told her I can't see her and to just leave the movies with my roommate, but I'm not sure it'll actually play out that way. But even if it doesn't this is Certainly the last you'll be hearing of my beloved Naomi

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