Monday, April 6, 2009

The Rebound Guy

Met a guy… he’s not to bad to look at, but he’s a little crazy. Please know that I have just recently been dropped from a three year long, back and forth relationship…. Which means, if you’re slow, that I’m looking for the rebound guy. Hahaha. Someone to just spoil me, take me out and get my mind off of that bastard who’s officially old news.
Anyway, so I met a guy…… and, like I said before, he’s not to bad to look at. He’s got a nice little bald theme going on with him, nice full lips. He has some sharp teeth… which is a little bit of a turn off because I like my mates teeth to be straight and normal. Lol. But my problem with him is I let him take me out… and he just completely and totally disrespected me.
1. I told him to take me home… and he didn’t. BIG problem. We went out, we had our fun… now I want to go home, not to your house
2. When we arrived at his house I told him I wasn’t feeling well and that I had a sore throat… i.e. not trying to kiss him. However that didn’t stop him from nagging me about a kiss
3. He FORCES himself on top of me and rams his thick man tongue down my sore throat… umm GROSS yea, but its like come on man! That’s not what I wanted!
So now he’s back for round two, because obviously after that last encounter I CUT HIM OFF. Hahaha. And I mean absolutely NO contact. So we went out, we had a good time, and then he feels like not only was it a date…. Which it was NOT, but it was also a great opportunity for us to begin conversing EVERYDAY. I mean come on dude. Fall back, grow some nuts and then let them drop. I mean be a man.
However, my friend really thinks I should give him a chance.... so I honestly did. I hit him up, suggested lunch and his bald ass stood me up!!! LMAO can you believe that shit? He seriously stood me up. Like really dude? He hit me up sooo apologetic and with a bribe... but my whole thing was its cool if you get busy... but you couldnt send me a text so I wasn't waitin for your ass?? Ugh. Maybe I should just stick to girls

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