Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tap out??

Okay, so among the heart breaker (steve), my first "girlfriend" (naomi), and the rebound guy, there's someone else I'm talking to. I know, I know, I should just slow down, figure out what I want, one person atta time blah, blah BLAH... but a girls gotta have options right? Her name is *kim. I have been feeling this girl since my freshman year. She is very attractive, funny, and has the coolest personality I've ever encountered. Now my freshman year, I had never been with a girl, but I knew I wanted Kim. However she was engaged our freshman year... and I'm not home wrecker.

BUT fast forward 3 years..... she's no longer engaged, I'm no longer only sleeping with men, and we're BOTH single and extremely available.


I hit her up, we text for a few days and then I invite her over. we HIT IT OFF. We laughed, joked, and just had a BANGIN ass conversation. I tend to be very sarcastic, but she could handle it. Although there was no physical contact besides a hug on her way out... I kinda wished there had been. So after that great night, I honestly could see myself seriously talking to her, and I genuinely wanted to get to know her.


I hit her up (notice how I am the pursuer?? I HATE feeling like I'm pressed, I mean shit! if you like me pick up the phone and lemme kno!), I want her to come over again obviously.. but she informs me there is some kind of drama with her roomie and she has to go home to comfort her... ok, I respect that. So we don't chill, nor do we text, or have any kind of contact what so ever.

EPISODE 3-5:::

to sum it up: drama, Drama, DRAMA, roomie, Roomie, ROOMIE. Broken truths, lies of returning my texts/phone calls. Everything that comes out this girls mouth is about how her roommate is goin thru it, and how she doesn't want to be involved anymore. Like Kim, baby, if you don't wanna be involved, and you wanna be able to chill with me... then just DO it.


She says she's comin over. =D that's all I can do. But that immediately changes. 1: she comes over an hour later than I had planned... so I know she's going to be tired. 2: She's drunk (WTF) 3: I did tell her to bring a movie... but everyone knows thats code, for let's kiss and/or take it further. During the ENTIRE first half of the movie, she's talking to her roommate. 4: Once she's FINALLY off the phone, she passes out!!!! ........................................................................................................................................................................

Clearly, at this point I'm pissed. Okay so maybe kissing her woulda took it too far, too soon.... but shit! Why even come over?? DAMN! So when she finally comes to, the movie is over and I want her to get the FUCK out. So I eject the dvd, walk her to the door and tell her to text me once she's made it home safely.


Okay, I know what you're thinking, but damn I got it bad for this girl. She texts me (an improvement) and tells me she's sorry for her behavior, that her roomie has been goin thru a lot, and that she wants to sit me down and explain everything... and once she's done that I won't be mad anymore. Okay. I can dig it.

Her: Where are you
Me: In the student center on campus... you?
Her: by your apartment
Me: .... do you want me to meet you there?
Her: umh no thats cool, i gotta go home and deal with this drama, I'll hit you up later
Me: ok kim, whatever


Me: hey, hope you're roommate is doing better, did you still plan on comin over here
Me: ?

So after all of that... I was done. I hate being stood up, I hate liars, I hate people who allow themselves to get so sucked into drama it affects me.

Today, I see her in the student center (sc) and I say HI, and keep it moving, she catches my arm saying her apt is on the third floor, and her phone fell off the balcony. The screen broke and she had no way of contactin me. She gets a new phone today at 5 and will hit me up to talk then. Me: ok. sounds fine.

idk what it is about this girl, because I gave the rebound guy HELL when he stood me up didn't text me and she's already done that a few times. I'm trying to be patient.. but damn its wearing thin. I'm caught between dropping everyone, and keeping them all at a distance. I'll just have to think some more on it. If she comes thru on her word today.... we'll see. Naomi has to go, Steve is already gone... which leaves kim and the rebound guy. *sigh* wish me luck... I may just tap out on this one. I'm tired of ringing the bell and goin thru round after round with her ass.. gettin the same results.

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