Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rebound Guy... pt2

So me and the Rebound Guy have kinda hit it off... Surprise, surprise.

He came over last night, we chilled, watch For the Love of Ray J (DANGER!! She smashed the homie!! LOL) and For the Love of Money 2.... it was nice. Now of course there was supervision... in case he decided to go crazy again, my friend was there... but I actually enjoyed it.

Now rebound guy is into music, and acting, and he's a graduating senior here at my school. His fast pace life style may be outta my league, but he is SOO adamant that it's not, that he can make time for me etc. He's currently a platnum artist in his home country in Africa, and not only is he still recording hit songs, he's also currently filming a movie. I THINK I may like him... I'm not to sure at this point. I know I don't want to be in a serious relationship with him, but he isn't so bad now. And he WORSHIPS the ground I walk on!!! I never meant for it to be that way, of course, but he likes me something SERIOUS.

After he left my house, my friend and I went over to house to continue what we had started. I think last night was the first time I realized how in to me he seriously is. Idk why, because I have been sooo rude/ignorant to him, but apparently, he sees something in me that he likes. I feel like he could be a good friend... but a serious relationship with a rapper/actor?? ummmhhhh, can we say PASS. Idk I took the initiative to contact him to day, and we'll see how it goes. My fingers are crossed!

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